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Handspun/Handpainted Fine Yarns & Spinning/Felting Fibres


Please request the 2014 pricelists with new shipping rates.


Wholesale Information:  

The items listed below I also dye, spin and card at wholesale price for retailers, schools and fibre artists. The minimum order quantity for fibres & yarns is 4kg (6.6lb) for the first order, and 2kg (4.4lb) for every following wholesale order.

You can mix& match at a minimum of 4x100g (4x3.5oz) per fibre type  or yarn type to get to the minimum order quantity.

For handpainted silk scarves the minimum order quantity is 30 scarves = 525g (1.17 lb).

 Colourways can be chosen at a minimum of 4 rovings (= 4x100g/4x3.5oz), 4 skeins (= 4x100g/4x3.5oz), 4 carded batts (= 4x210-225g/4x7.4-8.0oz)  or 2 silk scarves (= 70g/2.5oz) per colourway .

For any price and deadline information please contact me and send me your business details, and VAT number if registered. All wholesale orders are processed upon receipt of payment.

My prices are stated in Euro. Please feel free to use the Yahoo currency converter for a price calculation in your local currency once I have sent you my wholesale pricelist.

Thank you kindly.



Wholesale fibres & yarns:


1. Handspun extra soft merino thick and thin yarn (slub yarn), in natural white, or handpainted once spun: 

Note: the yarn will be specially handspun for you. It is  not in stock at wholesale quantity.

100g/ approx. 40m (3.5oz/45yds = super bulky = the size of my ebay  slub yarns),

or 100g/approx. 90m (3.5oz/100yds = bulky size).




2. Handpainted commerically spun yarns:

Note: the yarns will be specially handpainted for you. They are not ready painted  in stock at wholesale quantity.

4/14.5nm, virgin wool yarn (23/4micron), soft, fingering weight, 400yds/3.5oz

2/12.5nm, merino superwash yarn (22 micron), extra soft, lace weight, 700yds/3.5oz

4/16nm, 70/15/15 virgin wool/mulberry silk/bamboo superwash durable sock yarn, soft, fingering wt., 440yds/3.5oz

4/16nm, baby alpaca yarn (20 micron), super soft, fingering weight, 440yds/3.5oz

2/16nm, 50/50 baby camel down/mulberry silk yarn, ultra soft, lace weight, 900yds/3.5oz

4/16nm,  50/50 merino (20 micron)/mulberry silk superwash yarn, ultra soft, fingering weight, 440yds/3.5oz

NOTE: My yarn stock is currently being revised. Please contact me for an update. Thank you.




3. Handpainted wool tops/rovings, 100g/3.5oz braids of the following fibre types: 

Note: the fibres will be specially handpainted for you. They are not ready painted in stock at wholesale quantity.

100% merino (mulesing free), extra soft (21micron)

100% merino (mulesing free), extra soft (22micron),  superwash

100% British bluefaced leicester, extra fine

100% British bluefaced leicester, extra fine, superwash

70/30 merino (20micron) & mulberry silk blend, super soft 

100% baby alpaca (22 micron), super soft

100% Polwarth (New Zealand, 21/3 micron), very soft



4. Drum Carded (hand carded) merino&silk batts (fleece batts/batting):

Note: the batts will be specially carded for you. They are not ready carded in stock at wholesale quantity.

Made with commercially dyed extra fine (20/1 micron) merino wool and pure dyed mulberry silk / natural white tussah silk. Custom colourways upon request. Standard blends available as displayed below. 4 batts = 210-225g (7.4-8oz)




Wholesale handpainted crinkle silk scarves:

Note: the scarves will be specially handpainted  for you. They are not in stock at wholesale quantity.

 100% mulberry silk ponge 05 fine fabric with hand finished hem, hand painted, hand crinkled. Will straighten out, if desired, when wetted and ironed. Size (uncrinkled): 160x40cm (64x16 inch). Perfect for nuno felting projects, or to be sold and worn as is. Standard colourways available. Custom colourways upon request. Please contact me for details.







Please feel free to  contact me if you have got any questions.

I will be happy to assist.


































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